Author Guideline

  • Manuscript Scope: Multidisciplinary Sciences
  • Manuscript Types: Original research article, Review article, and Short notes or Short communications
  • Manuscript Components: Abstract (200 words), Keywords (4-5 words), Introduction (3-4 paragraphs), Material and Methods, Results and discussions, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Conflict of interest, ORCID ID, and References. Tables and figures should include in the text.
  •  Manuscript Format: Manuscript should write in English with double-spaced, 10 points Arial Narrow, A4 size, MS Word with the line, and with the page number. Please use the template to submit the manuscript. (Click here to download template for a manuscript submission)
  • Publication Interval: January-June & July-December. One volume, two issues, and continuous publication process.
  • Review System: Authors can submit the manuscript through the online system or email. The editor will make the first decision about the suitability of the submitted manuscript within six days. If it passes the initial screening, the editor will send an expert reviewer in the field for peer review (single-blind) to ensure research quality and suitability for publication within 30 days. After confirming the reviewer’s comments, the editor will make the final decision about reject, major revision, minor revision, or accept the present form. In major or minor revision, the author will ask to fulfill the requirement within 14 days. After revision, the manuscript will accept and publish online within ten days. The whole publication process will finish within 60 days (2 months).
  • English and Similarity Check: Manuscript will go through plagiarism and English check.
  • Manuscript Publication Charge: There is no article submission charge. Authors should bear the open access publication cost if they accept their manuscript. The publication cost (article processing charge) will be 50 USD to maintain the journal expenses. There is a waiver facility for developing country authors who submit a good manuscript.
  • Authorship Criteria: Authors who actively contribute their work can be listed as a contributor. The authors should confirm their authorship before the final proofread.
  • English Improvement: The Journal recommends LetPub for authors who need editorial assistance for the language quality of their paper. You can contract their services at Please note that language editing alone does not constitute a guarantee that your paper will be accepted

Copyright and Permission:

1) Authors should submit their own unpublished (except preprint) research and review work, which is not currently submitted or under consideration for another journal. Authors are liable in their work, if infringe anyone’s copyright or plagiarism, libel anyone, violate anyone’s statutory, or violate universal law rights.

2) Authors should permit the publisher (Multidisciplines) to publish (open access), grant rights, maintain its empower to protect unauthorized use, and adequately authorize in printed and electronic databases for abstracting, reviewing, and indexing services in commercial and non-commercial purposes. The publisher has the unrestricted right to publish the said work in English or translate languages.

3) The authors have the right to use (in teaching, thesis, lectures, conference presentation, grant permission, academic and professional purposes), extending article to book-length form, trademark, patent, reproduce, attribute, credit and distribute the work in printed and electronic databases in the nonprofit entity. Authors hold the copyright without restriction.

4)  The work may reproduce in the public domain for educational and scientific purposes by the readers without fee or permission except for commercial purposes. Readers can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, and link to the manuscript without restriction.

5) The manuscript will publish under a creative commons license (CC BY 4.0). The authors and the publisher are abiding to obey the copyright and license.

Further Information: